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GerritJan van der Wiel

GerritJan (1973) is the product manager. He started in 2006 at Cerum and has previously worked as a tool developer in the metal industry. He speaks English, Dutch and Norwegian and has got a bachelor degree in communication.

gerritjan@cerum.no +47 - 411 40 173

Dag Arnfinn Nilsen

Dag Arnfinn Nilsen (1966) is CEO of Cerum AS. He holds a Master of Science, IT and mathematics. Besides that he’s a material specialist and a consultant for Statoil and other companies.

dag@cerum.no +47 - 916 86 104

Chris Erik Haugli

Chris Erik Haugli is the core system developer of Cerum Industry. He has his formal education from Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag and has fifteen years of experience making web-based software solutions.

Torbjørn Hamran

Torbjørn is the CTO of Cerum AS and has extensive experience within software programming, software development and client based software systems.

Torbjørn has a Bachelor of Engineering from Narvik Ingeniørhøyskole 1989. His expertise is the development and evolution of large scale client - server based software systems.