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Document complete welding projects in WELD PROJECT!

Weld project

Weld documentation system (as easy as it gets)

Cerum industry is a weld documentation system, accessible through the internet. It offers real time status of projects and understandable information for several management layers.It offers its users control and traceability during the complete workflow, from WPQR service to reports and statistics.

Organisations gain better quality, lower production costs and accurate end documentation in minutes. It will help you to make decisions based on facts to improve wherever possible.

One of the key features in Cerum Industry is the simple and complete traceability according ISO 3834.


Since Cerum industry is an online tool you can register completed welds on your desktop PC and on many portable devices.We also offer software for stationary touch screen so that welders can register their work at a fixed workstation. In this way you minimize delay and desk-time.

Powerful and effective project startup:

Through Cerum Industry you can generate hundreds of welds in a few seconds saving a lot of time and administration.

Weld lists will display all relevant information throughout the project and will be updated automatically while the project proceeds.In this way youll be fully informed in detail, at any time.

Automatic NDT request:

When the welds are registered as welded, a request for NDT is automatically sent by e-mail to the NDT supervisor or NDT operator.Lower error rates = Improved resultsProject reports and general reports may contain just that bit of information you need to gain deeper understanding of key processes in order to improve quality, reduce costs or simply save production time.

Work package: Final documentation in minutes:

When you hit the "Work package" button in Cerum Industry it generates one PDF-file in minutes. The end report includes a summary, drawings, weld summary lists, NDT reports, welding procedures, material certificates, welder certificates and personell lists